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A neat & nifty list of all our wonderful creations.


Broken Kintsugi Trilogy
(Pax Eudaemonia, Thralls Of Technology, Zoa Constrictor)

Graphic Novels

Outlandish Curiosity Prototype

Outlandish Curiosity (Harenge, In Progress Playlist)

Pax Eudaemonia (Harenge, Script)

Comedy For The Philosophically Inclined

Reasons For Being

Short Story Bundles

Borderless Bedlam

Tales Untold

The Elemental Series

The Jane Pinkerton Chronicles

The Reflection Collection


'PANIC! 🐙🐙 I can't find Seasons of Love & The Zoobadoo Zoo!'

Worry not! They're neatly packaged in Tales Untold :)