The Future

The Present

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An illustration by Boro of a magnificent mountain steaming with silk-cloudy trails. Yes, I do like Mountains very much! Big fan!


Poems beckon beyond.

The Past

Music cover by Boro. A golden statue-head wears a blue face mask. Surrounded by pixellated velvet-blue clouds and minuscule floating suburban houses.

Sunshine In Suburbia

Everything's poppin' in sunny Palm Perfect…

A music cover by Maksim Krapht. In the frigidity of endless space, cold blue energy emanates from the top half of a ladies head.

The Miranda Commands It

Welcome aboard your new home among the stars…

A music cover by Totema. It depicts a man sitting cross-legged in endless black space. His face is erased with a big red cross. Behind and in front of him is a blue neon haze, reflected on the hologram on the ground.

Beyond The Pale Blue

In the howling night there was a harness of flame…

This shows a music cover illustrated by Boro. In the foreground, a hand reaches towards us, held back by purple and blue strings. The strings are draped around the index finger and middle finger, forming an infinity symbol. In the background are purple and neon light streaks shooting upwards.

Pax Eudaemonia

Ode to the dreamers!

A music cover painted by Raceanu and digitized by Boro. In the foreground stand two figures. A young woman and a young man. Both are blinded by a green cloth wrapped around their foreheads. On the left side, the woman leans against the frame and is holding a golden box. The exterior of the golden box is a computer motherboard. Meanwhile the man is grasping the woman's hand with the cold mechanical fingers of his robotic arm. On the right, in the background, is a futuristic city engulfed in purple-blue neon lights. The tallest building of the city extends into a barren tree with a single white flower on it. The tree is surrounded by a golden apple peel. This gives it the impression of being an egg containing the tree.

Thralls Of Technology

What's in the box?

A music cover painted by Raceanu & illustrated plus digitized by Boro. It's a top-down symmetrical image combining two paintings by William Blake. Namely "Ancient Of Days" and "The Spectre Over Los". It depicts two winged angels reach towards each other. The void between their hands forms an iris. Their wings extend forward and touch at their tips. Together, they form an eye. Outside of the eye is a purple-blue cloud beach.

Zoa Constrictor

Are we dirt, or are we dancer?

A music cover by the illustrator Boro. It shows a beautiful young lady becoming one with the water in a euphoric relaxation.

Fount Everspring

Life's Wonderflow.

The cover of the book Essentialized by Psoid Froid. It shows a lurid-green plant with stark yellow highlights.


Sex. Psychology. Complexity. Essentialized.

The Reflection Collection cover by Boro. It shows a green engraved with the title.

The Reflection Collection

A selection of Kevin's early short stories.