Should We Fear Technology?

Album release: ‘Thralls Of Technology’ by BatWhaleDragon
Release date: 14 July 2018 (Pandemonium Day)
Genre: Electronic/Outrun/Industrial
Album cover: Cover
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Technology has penetrated every facet of our lives. Do the benefits outweigh the dangers? Will robots make humans obsolete? Do we have any place in the universe?

These questions and more we’ve set out to explore in our album Thralls Of Technology. It is the second album of the eclectic Broken Kintsugi Trilogy. Featuring lush production by Maximum Love, cars blazing at the speed of sound, mellow melancholy, divination & damnation…

Pandora’s box is wide open, the dark clouds of technology looming over us. Is there any hope left?


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Production by Maximum Love
Painting by Raceanu Mihai-Adrian
Photography by Rasta Vantorre Photography
Digitization + Touchup by Borodante