Yearning For Freedom

Album release: ‘Zoa Constrictor’ by BatWhaleDragon
Release date: 25 January 2019 (Opposite Day)
Genre: Electronic/Psybient/Aetherbeat
Album cover: Cover
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In this final album of the eclectic Broken Kintsugi Trilogy we yearn for the ultimate freedom: To escape our earthly constraints.

In the tradition of reinvention, we once more combine the old and the new. The London-based band Maximum Love started crafting the lush dreamscape of Zoa Constrictor by taking sounds from previous albums, weaving them into a wholly new fabric.

The album was inspired by a wide variety of sources, ranging from the mythology of William Blake to Vaporwave.
Yes, Vaporwave.

We thought the genre of Vaporwave was worth a proper consideration; the world has been tainted by commercial motives, justifying profitable beliefs at the detriment of sincerity. Even your memories are not safe anymore; just think about it: How many memories have a brand name attached to them?

Are we so entangled in commerce that nothing has sanctity anymore? Is our experience limited by what brands offer us? Can we ever escape the shackles of our own perception, or must we burn it all down to the ground?

These questions and more are precisely what we at BatWhaleDragon explore in Zoa Constrictor.

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Production by Maximum Love
Sample “Hymn to the Stars” by Michael Levy
Original Paintings (“Ancient Of The Days” and “The Spectre Over Los” by William Blake)
Overpainting + Digitization by Borodante
Painting by Raceanu Mihai-Adrian
Photography by Rasta Vantorre Photography